Thursday, February 3, 2011

It’s Been Quiet

I’m not altogether certain how much of an audience my blog has.  If the Feedburner statistics are accurate, then it’s roughly a couple hundred.  That doesn’t consider, however, those who don’t use RSS or Atom to follow it.  However, some of you may wonder why this space has been unusually quiet recently, and I wanted to take a few moments to explain why.

In the first week of January, my daughter was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  It’s been a hectic and busy month for me, causing a great deal of absence away from the CRM community.  Now that I’m back to work and managing to recover some of the time I’ve dedicated to supporting the family during this trying time, I’m easing back into my usual community involvements.  However, limitations being what they are, I doubt that I will be able to return to my previous station completely.

I will not be attending the MVP Summit, and hope that my contributions so far, and what little I’m able to make throughout the remainder of my “cycle” will earn me a renewal, so that I may attempt to attend again next year.  I’ve made this information known to the MVP team already, but include it here for those who aren’t apart of the NDA-based conversation channels.  I will truly miss this opportunity at such an exciting time in CRM’s history (with the advent of CRM 2011).

My wife and I are blessed and fortunate to have a strong network of family and friends to support us during this challenge, and we look forward to our daughter’s complete recovery with great hope.  Though things will become more difficult in the months ahead, we know that we will not have to undertake its monumental burden alone.

I thank all of you who send us your support, prayers, good thoughts, and the like.


  1. I wish your daughter full recovery and good health, and for your wife and you the physical and mental strength to handle all the process. We all doing what it is really important , our family life and health. CRM 2011 will wait.

  2. Certainly sad to not meet you at the Summit, but absolutely family comes first. Will be passing good vibes to you.

    If you get another chance to Redmond, let me know. I'm buried in conversions to 2011 now (nda stuff of course).

  3. All the best Dave, from one of your many blog readers on RSS

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May a speedy and full recovery be in your daughter's future. We will be here waiting for your return.

  5. Thanks. I really appreciate hearing from you.

  6. Our prayers are with you Dave and your family. We wish Kiera a speedy recovery.

  7. I pray that Kiera will soon be fully recovered and will be playing with the other kids without any worries or kids always should. I want you to BELIEVE in this and for the kind of person that you are, there will definitely be 2012 or 2013 after 2011 and I am sure you will make it to these summits anytime. Our love to your family...
    Srihari, India.

  8. Praying for you.

    Grace & Peace,


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