Monday, February 21, 2011

Brad Wilson on the State of CRM

The kind folks over at Software Advice have asked me to review their on-going series of interviews within the Microsoft CRM sphere, whereby they take a look at the offerings surrounding Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and include them on my blog.  The last time they requested involvement of this space, for marketing material, I must admit that I was unfriendly.  This space is not an advertisement platform—it’s an evolving personal experience shared with the CRM Community.

That said, I have reviewed this new material and found it more suitable than their last request for inclusion in this space.  Below is a video interview with none other than the GM of Dynamics CRM, Brad Wilson, and his thoughts on the state of CRM in the marketplace.  I believe this clip stands apart from any marketing purpose and provides insight into the experience Microsoft has had with CRM as a product.  Though the clip is painfully short for the amount of material I’m sure Brad keeps locked up in that large cranium of his, it is concise and to the point:

Brad Wilson, GM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, discusses the evolution of CRM in the marketplace with Don Fornes of Software Advice.


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