Monday, May 17, 2010

MVP Nomination

Well, I'm not sure who did it, but I was recently contacted by Microsoft regarding my status as a nominee for this year's CRM MVP award.  The idea floored me at first and quickly excited me as the prospect sunk in, but I approached the submission of my contributions made to the community over the last year with some measured humility.

There are no delusions on my end, so this isn't an acceptance speech.  But, I would like to issue a "thank you" note to the current CRM MVPs, many of whom I know only by curious avatars, or by line upon line of technically-verbose text.

I'm not sure how CRM MVPs stack up against those from other specialties, but I know for a fact that they are some of the most inventive, persistent, and helpful folk from which I've ever had the pleasure to learn.  In honor of their sublime altruism, I have endeavored to reciprocate (or "pay forward", if you will) by imparting knowledge that I have obtained.  If I'm MVP material, it's mostly because I have learned from the established MVPs, and lifted another with the line upon which I myself was lifted.

So, good luck to the other nominees out there.