Sunday, January 1, 2012

Google+ Page for Dynamics CRM

Lately, I’ve been trying to coalesce information streamed around various channels to which I’m attuned into a new Google+ page for Dynamics CRM.

Personally, I’ve become a heavier G+ user than Facebook, and not just because of its rock-solid performance—but because of many important privacy and intellectual property practices.  I’d recommend it for anyone looking to break out of Facebook once and for all.

LinkedIn is still a great professional resource for sourcing CRM talent and even assistance, so you’re sure to find great resources there too.  But its format and membership are rather rigidly defined compared to Facebook or Google+.

In any event, I welcome any contributions and “circling” of the G+ page, and hope to make it an active and engaging space for the CRM community, apart from the Microsoft public CRM forums where I can also be found.

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