Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ask the MVP (CRMUG)

There’s an upcoming roundtable event, hosted by CRMUG, where many CRM MVPs have agreed to come together and address questions submitted to the “Ask the MVP” event site.  After the bulk of the event, I understand there will be time afterward for free-form, open floor discussion and Q&A.  However, if you want to make sure your question is asked, drop an email to Janet Lampert or Donna Edwards well in advance!  As with most CRMUG events, attendance is limited to CRMUG members—become a member today, and reap the benefits.

I’m personally excited to get involved in this event, since this is the second CRMUG event to which I’ve been invited to participate.  Hopefully, I am more useful to the discussion than a fly-on-the-wall.  Many long-time MVP greats will be coming to the table, and I’m honored to find myself among them.  We haven’t seen the question list yet, so I’m anxious to find out what you, the audience, want to know!

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