Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slowly Getting Back

For those who have been concerned about the well-being of my daughter, please know that things are doing tremendously well.  Her treatment is far from over, but the chemotherapy portion is nearly complete and a recent surgery was successful at removing 90-99% of her existing mass.  Other treatments remain, but we remain very hopeful due to her resilience thus far.

I’ve been working at night on freelance work for George Doubinski, and have been picking up Silverlight as quickly as possible.  One thing that disappointed me was the dearth of information regarding Silverlight development in CRM 4.  Considering the maturity of both product lines, I would have thought them to have been married much sooner than CRM 2011.  To that end, I’ve decided to participate in CRMUG’s 10@10of10 presentation series and bring what I’ve learned to those of us who haven’t quite moved into CRM 2011 yet.  CRMUG membership is required to attend.

I’m still working up the presentation content, but I’m hoping to have a sensible development example for producing Silverlight code that works for both CRM 4 and CRM 2011.  At any rate, I expect to reproduce the contents and code from the presentation upon this blog; so if you can’t attend the Live Meeting, be sure to check back in the following weeks.

Aside from that, I’ve decided to apply some theme changes to the blog to encourage me to post a little more often.  I’m certainly looking forward to producing more CRM 2011 resources (while bringing forward as many of the CRM 4 developments as are suitable).  However, the pace will be crawling for a while.  Some of you may have seen more recent involvements from me in the CRM Development forum.  Indeed, that’s a pretty good indicator of my free time, because that’s where I spend it.


  1. Welcome back, Dave. All the best to you and your family!

  2. Thank Daniel! It's refreshing to return and see that you've been so busy kicking out CRM 2011 information and kicking some forum butt.


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