Monday, December 20, 2010

Global MVP Summit, Here I Come!

Registration for the Microsoft 2011 MVP Global Summit opened on Monday, last week.  The moment registration was possible, I completed it.  My excitement could be barely contained when Matt Wittemann, a fellow CRM MVP from C5Insight, agreed to room with me during the event.  This will be my first Summit, and it will be awesome to have an experienced guide.

(Matt blogged about my Javascript Grid Editor project earlier this year, several months before I found out I had been nominated for the MVP Award.  Since then, I’ve become a follower of his ICU MSCRM blog.  He’s really got some neat stuff there, so check it out if you haven’t had a chance.)

I’m also blessed to have my employer, BC Technical, offer to send me to the event.  Obviously it’s easier to attend the Summit for us state-side MVPs, but even without compensated hotel accommodations, attending the event would have exhausted my available funds.  I don’t write about my employer much in this blog, mostly because this blog is a personal space, but this exception I’m making is to say, “thank you,” in a public format.  BC Technical has always encouraged personal growth in my career, but this contribution makes them invested in a way I didn’t expect.  May we all be so fortunate!

As for the Summit, I’m ardently anxious to meet my personal CRM heroes—many of whom have indicated that they will be attending.  I’ve had a wonderful chance, through various MVP-related channels, to establish personal relationships with people I only knew by name only a year ago.  Though the Global MVP Summit is not product-specific, I’m sure most of my time will be spent within the CRM-sphere.

So, it’s full-steam ahead to the Summit!  If you’re attending, and would like to meet, send me a message.  If you’re a part of the CRM MVP team, I probably owe you a beer, so don’t forget to collect!

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  1. It would be first Summit for me too (I tell 'would' it is not easy to get Visa to USA from Ukraine).


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