Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update to the Javascript Grid Editor: 1.0.9

After some code re-factoring for ease of configuration and better coordination with the installation instructions, I've released version 1.0.9.  There aren't any bug fixes in this release, but it should make the script easier to deploy for new adopters.


  1. Hi ,
    I installed the JGE; great piece of code !
    A question: I installed the code in the 'salesorder' entity. When I hit the 'edit mode' button, it takes about 3-4 minutes before the fields are editable. After this first time, the code works very fast on editing other record.
    It seems whenever I startup a new Internet Explorer window, the initialisation of the code takes 3-4 minutes. Is it possible to make this faster ?

    Or did I perhaps do something wrong in the 'insert mode': when I hit this button, eventually I receieve an error message "missing required attributes. Cannot create new records using this grid. Use the 'new' button instead"

    Your help is very much appreciated.

  2. I'll make a note that you would like the start-up time improved. This may, however, be an unfortunate side-effect of using pure Javascript. Naturally, CRM Grids do not load the supporting scripts for input field operations--upon which my solution relies heavily.

    The JGE initializes by loading those supporting scripts first. Once they are loaded, however, the solution doesn't need to reload them. This is why subsequent executions within the same grid work more quickly. To date, the only improvement I've been able to achieve with this is to improve connection speeds to the web server, as well as improving the overall performance of CRM.

    As for the problem with the "Insert" button, as the error states, and as noted in the project documentation, this button requires the presence of all Business and System required attributes to be present in the grid. The solution I'm working on for the "special" child records and money fields should help developers utilize and programmatically-define hidden attributes to reduce the need to present such fields in the grid.


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