Thursday, April 22, 2010

I've entered the xRM Showcase Challenge

Today I visited the Microsoft CRM Team Blog to find a perfect venue to promote and increase the visibility of the Javascript Grid Editor.  The xRM Showcase Challenge is a great way for me to gauge the demand for this project, and serves as an excellent platform for announcing the project to the world.

While I've received numerous compliments and much help on the project during the first few months it has been available, I'm more motivated now to improve the project by tackling my list of outstanding features and bugs.  If you like the project and use it in your CRM deployments, I would like to encourage you to give me a vote.

Once again, I'd like to personally thank those of you who have contacted me personally about the project and who have helped me identify ways to improve it.  Without your help, I would not enjoy the sense of achievement I currently have.


  1. Certainly deserves to win. Definite voted for ya, Dave. I'll try to spread the word.


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