Friday, July 1, 2011

I’m a Microsoft MVP! (Still)

It’s surprising to me to think that a year ago, I was welcomed graciously into the arms of the MVP program.  Mostly, because this year seems to have just flown by.  Awaiting news of my renewal status caused even more anxiety than I had last year, because my daughter’s illness dropped my activity level in the community quite a bit.

I tried desperately to find time to contribute as often as I could, so that I might secure my MVP renewal—and it appears those efforts paid off.  Soon, our daughter’s treatments will be largely over, and things brought to a more stable and relaxed atmosphere around the home.  This is exactly the situation I need to move forward with CRM 2011, and really make a return to the forums a stronger developer for it.

Thanks to Microsoft, Melissa (my MVP team lead), and the many MVPs whom I’ve come to know on a personal level over the last year.  I promise to make the MVP Global Summit this year to make up for last year.


  1. Congrats David. I'm sure you will retain for many years to come.

  2. Sorry there is a typing error in my previous comment. Should have been *Dave*.

  3. Congrats, Dave! You sure deserve the MVP title considering the significant time that you have spent on the forums to help the community.


  4. One of these days, soon, Daniel... you too.

  5. Many Congrats Dave !!!


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