Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A CRM Book and eXtremeCRM

I’ve undergone a change of employers, for both personal and professional reasons, but hope that will serve as a catalyst to reconnect with the Dynamics CRM community—with whom I’ve grown too distant for comfort.  Though I’m never more than a stone’s throw from you all, I feel that the lack of regular communication from me has alienated my audience.  While I’ve been growing and learning, I’ve been amassing a collection of knowledge and experience that I want to pass along—and I’d like to commit to doing so through this blog.

However, while all these cards are coming together in the next few weeks, I’ll simply offer some filler.  For those who follow me on twitter, news of a new book with my name on it is currently on the shelves.  The CRM 2013 Quickstart guide is a new work, intended for the intermediate and advanced Dynamics CRM users.  In particular, my contribution is the chapter “Developers, Developers, Developers” at the end.

The material in this book is up-to-date, and is an experienced look into the important differences between CRM 2013 and previous versions.  The digital version is available both on Amazon and through our publisher’s site:

Finally, I’ll be attending eXtremeCRM in Las Vegas, Oct. 5th – 8th.  I’m not pegged for any presentations, but I’ll be attending roundtables where I’m welcome.  What I’m looking forward to, is the Innovation Challenge on the Sunday prior to the event.  Last year, I built a tool called “RedHanded” which was a light-weight, use-tracking feature, wholly contained inside CRM.  This year, I’m planning to build… oh, well, I guess you’ll have to be there to find out.  :)

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