Friday, May 25, 2012

NDepend v4 Released

I’ve mentioned NDepend a scant few times, mostly because I’ve used it in limited fashion.  Though CQL was easy enough to learn, I found it difficult to quickly put together complex analytical queries against my code.  Patrick Smacchia answered my unannounced plight in the Version 4 release of NDepend with the revolution that is CQLinq.

By bridging the best of the CQL and Linq worlds together, Patrick has truly delivered the most effective and rapid-use code quality tool for .Net development.  NDepend has moved from being a utility of convenience to a core necessity in my personal development.  Regardless of whether or not you have experience with code quality tools for .Net development, I highly recommend investigating NDepend.

I look forward to continuing my use and integration of this latest version into my projects and using the power of CQLinq to its fullest extent.  Thank you, Patrick!

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