Tuesday, September 27, 2011

60k Page Views!

When I first started this blog, I really didn’t expect it to take me anywhere.  I just wanted a neat little place to post my code, a place that would follow me wherever I went and be a sounding board for whatever I thought (about CRM).

This evening, while following up on my social activities (forum contributions, blog reading, and that Twitter thing), I discovered that the ticker on my page-view counter rolled past 60 thousand.  A number I would never have expected.  This comes on the tail of passing my first Microsoft Certification Exam.  (I’m finally an MCP, too!)

Now, I’m not one to relish in popularity.  I’m a pretty shy and reserved person.  So, the only thing I hope to take from this statistic is that I have hopefully helped many Dynamics CRM implementers and developers who have come here looking for help (or free code *wink*).

If you have found value in this space, I’d love to hear about it.  That kind of thing is what encourages me to contribute—and with more frequency.

On a positive note, I may start posting more frequently in this space (and others) regarding some very exciting learning opportunities that are coming my way in the near future.  There will be unique challenges that I’ll get to address with CRM, and my company, JourneyTEAM, has given me motivation to contribute the value from my experiences with you, my audience.

So, thank you for your readership.  I hope I have given you useful and helpful information, and a better idea of how to squeeze great things from Dynamics CRM.

September 2011 Stats

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