Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two days left in the xRM Challenge!

Well, I received today a notice that the xRM Challenge is two days from wrapping up.  There are a significant number of entries from all over the spectrum, each powerful and useful in its own right.  The top contenders have very large numbers of votes, and all practically upend the out-of-box functionality of CRM to meet purpose-driven goals.

Truly, there are great xRM-solutions out there.  I had hoped to encourage more open-source projects by submitting my own Javascript Grid Editor project.  However, it's not what I would consider a true xRM product, as it's pretty limited in utilization.  What it does, however, is provide functionality to a virgin CRM deployment that many have been requesting since the early days of CRM.  It's my hope that thankful adopters will visit and vote on it.

On a side note, I feel that my project would probably fare better in a challenge that promoted projects which benefit the CRM Community.  This challenge seems more like a free advertisement venue for proprietary products with small numbers of beneficiaries.